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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Chelsea Barracks Community Forum

Chelsea Barracks in Pimlico, Westminster, is about to be sold off by the Ministry of Defence. During the election campaign the Labour Party highlighted this to the community. In addition to widespread leafletting of the nearby communities the Party held a public meeting with Secretary of State, Rt Hon John Hutton MP, and Westminster Labour Group Leader, Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg, as the two main speakers. The meeting highlighted how the Conservative-run Westminster City Council had failed to consult local residents in drawing up its plans for the barracks site.

On 8 July,
Churchill Ward Labour Party held a second meeting bringing together the local community to start a community campaign to ensure the views of the local people are included in plans to redevelop the site. The Chelsea Barracks Community Forum was born. Headed by local people this blog is the public interface for the campaign.

We want to hear your views as to how the barracks site should be redeveloped. We want to know your views on the Labour Party's campaign for 50% of the site to be social housing and for there to be community facilities included in the brief. We want to hear your views, whatever your political persuasion. Post them here.....


  • the site should be used for communial use which incorporates, facilities for children, the elderly, local shops, as well as afordable housing. It would be nice to have my children living nearby instead of having to move out of the area because they cant be housed in the borough because of lack of large finance

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 July, 2006 13:54  

  • As a Labour Councillor I am heartened by this attempt to challenge the powerful forces of Westminster Council and the major property developers. Westminster is awash with new expensive apartments, many of which are vacant most of the year as their wealthy owners commute between their various apartments in other international cities. It has now reached the ludicrous level where a household needs an income of £140,000 a year to buy an average flat in Westminster. This puts owning your own home out of the reach of ordinary families - even average earning single people. The City desperately needs more affordable housing, whether this is rented social housing or shared equity ownership.This campaign deserves the full support of Westminster residents.

    By Blogger guthrie mckie, at 13 July, 2006 15:24  

  • WE all know that "Money Talks" -WE need people to stand up against developers getting it all thier way at Chelsae barracks site .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 November, 2006 18:31  

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